Matcha Cheesecake with Lemon Curd and Fresh Berries

CHF 80

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18 cm diameter matcha cheesecake, weights around 1.3 kg, comes with 250 grams homemade lemon curd and fresh berries.

Please order before 6 PM for the next evening
8 PM delivery/ pick up.

+41 79 504 08 33

Base: Ritz crackers (wheat flour, sunflower oil, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, raising agents, salt, barley malt flour), butter.
Middle: Philadelphia cream cheese (whole milk, cream, salt, stabilizer, acidifier), full cream, matcha powder, sugar, bio eggs.

Lemon Curd: Fresh lemon zest, freshly pressed lemon juice, bio eggs, butter, sugar.

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021