Chocolate Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache and Swiss Alpine Flowers

CHF 65

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18 cm diameter cake, weights around 1.3 kg.
Why say it with flower when you can say it with cheesecake with flowers?
This tripple chocolate cheesecake is baked to awaken your senses. Perfect for a romantic dinner date when served with your favorite cognac.

Please order before 6PM for the next evening
8 PM delivery/ pick up.

+41 79 504 08 33

Base: Ovomaltine biscuits (wheat flour, malt-containing beverage powder Ovomaltine, sugar, palm oil, coconut oil, skimmed milk powder, rapeseed oil, low-fat cocoa powder, hazelnuts, full powder, emulsifier, raising agent), butter. 
Middle: Philadelphia cream cheese (whole milk, cream, salt, stabilizer, acidifier), full cream, bio eggs, sugar, chocolate powder.
Top: full cream, chocolate powder, sugar, Swiss alpine flowers.

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021