Meet The Baker

Delivering cheesecake during Covid era.
Dinner at Anggrek Agency.
There is always room for dessert.

Hey there! I’m Steven Anggrek. I started Kue Keju in 2021, not just as a fun side project, but as a way to combine my love for art and baking. After graduating in Art Market Studies, I was searching for new opportunities in the art industry.

Growing up on a remote island in Indonesia with a strong Dutch influence, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandma, an amazing baker. She taught me that baking is an act of love and patience.

Three months into baking and delivering Kue Keju, I had the opportunity to work at an art institution in Basel, so Kue Keju went on a break. In 2024, I founded Anggrek Agency to focus on my passions: curating artworks and baking cheesecakes.

You can contact me and order your cheesecake here.
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